ZuriART: Poetry

Poetry is when an emotion has found its thought and the thought has found words. ~ Robert Frost

Tha Remix 1

ZuriART Flow…

We flow because… we can
We flow because… we can
We flow because… we can
….. But I paint because I love it
The feelin I covet
Nothing can compare with
Brush in hand fluid color movin swift
Abstract, attracts the eye
Too vivid
Too unique to pass by
The mind is open to this expressive art
Can’t look away
It draws you in too much to part
You feel it,
When u see it,
You can’t deny
You see the colors, the blends and you know it’s kinda flyy
The concepts how they come to me
My third eye… is open
My mind can finally see
This is the joy that come with creating each piece
I live to create each masterpiece
In each there’s a part of me
Each telling it’s own tale of me
Every brush stroke
Like the pen to the line
The colors my metaphors
The texture my similes
The canvas my page
On the wall it takes the stage
Enticing you to come closer
Take a better look
At the entire collection, you can call it my book
My life expressed to you in rare form
My ZuriART, is nothing like the norm
Come take a look at something new
I said come here, let me explain this to you
I had no formal schoolin it’s just something that I do
The colors, the shapes
The style, the technique
It just comes to me
The inner me speaks
My eyes still to listen
Transforming the audio to visual
The colors flood my mind
Waves at a time
Sometimes I can’t keep up
Flowin color until the canvas fills up
Getting lost in the world of the colors hue and value
I live for this, there’s nothing else I’d rather do
The feeling of a completed piece…
Stepping back letting the saturation of the pigments set in
As my eyes dance across the canvas taken it all in
My urge to continue to create more seems to increase
Getting influenced by the positive energy surrounding me each week
We flow because.. We can
Being engrossed by words that flow just as my shades streams the paintings
The energy to create more I’m ever so awaiting
Being blessed with such talents of expressing my feelings
My mind explodes on the canvas each and every time im feelin it
Blind to anything that’s not positive, bottom line
My brush strokes invokes you to keep comin back
N I keep throwin it back… on the wall for all to see
There’s acrylic abstract paintings and even a lil photography
A different view ZuriART gives you signed Alicia Adanna
Every time you see her, you know u wanna
Ask “how’s it done,
These beautiful works of art, how do you come by,
Where do these unique ideas come from??”
And then I’d reply…
My art is expressive, it’s 1000% me.
As I’ve grown, so has its meaning, transforming before me,
Now I understand that this is what I love and was meant to do
Nothing grants me more pleasure and satisfaction to know
That I’ve created something beautiful, that’s honest and flows
The positive energy used in creating it transfers
To every being, being drawn to it
The attraction is always felt
To everyone, they feel it,
But to each individual it’s meaning is a lil different
When they gaze in a trance
The get lost in their stance as the colors force them to
Open their mind and let the energy flow through
And enjoy the ride that ZuriART by Alicia Adanna has brought to you…

Alicia Adanna  — with ZuriART: Poetry By Alicia Adanna.

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