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“If you want to achieve things in life, you’ve just got to do them, and if you’re talented and smart, you’ll succeed.” ~Juliana Hatfield~

SUCCESS, Feeling so accomplished this morning! I am able to look in the mirror, smile and say “you did it, you set out to be a successful artist and you are now one!” Lolz Ok so I know I’m not in the million dollar bracket yet, but it felt good to have random people appreciate my art, ZuriART.
Blessed & Humbled!!!! Thanx to all my supporters and buyers of ZuriART! It means so much to me that you truly appreciate my work. This feeling of accomplishment is humbling and today was a blessing. I am more motivated then ever now to do what I love, each and every day. Below are a few of my setup photos from First Friday Philly; Old City Artist District. Most paintings shown are no longer available please visit the ZuriART:Paintings link above to view all current paintings. 

Poem: Life

This is a poem that i wrote in Nov 06 just let me know what you think about it…


Not knowing what you want out of life is youth
Living everyday afraid to step out into the sun is death
Would of, should of, could of’s are past
And looking for a brighter day is now
Sometimes the feeling of not knowing what to do is perfect
Knowing the answer to everything is a pleague
By closing your eyes you open up your heart
And opening your mind is listening to your soul
Enjoy life by not knowing whats coming up next
Live everyday with your head up to the sky
And never dwell on the past
Walk out on land barefoot
Embrace everything with your senses
Love what God has given you
And never forget that he is always there

Alicia Adanna