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Green Lava

Green Lava

Green Lava ~ 6×12 + 9×12 ~ ZuriART: Painting ~ Acrylic on Canvas

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Painted smiles camouflage the genuine feelings of,
Anger Pain and Emptiness
Tears wet the surface fusing all negative emotions…
Her reflection,
This illustrated clown,
Bound by past impressions of brokenness…
She masks the damages with false hope,
Covering, Layering, Coating, Lacquering,
Until she can no longer distinguish,
Real from Fake…
Truth resembles Lies…
Up seeming Down…
Left, feeling Right…
Her facade this mirage is,
She and only she can see these infractions,
The defectiveness of her canvas,
While others gaze, peer and stare at her design,
Admiring the complexities of her composition,
To her these obscurities are perplexing…
Wondering when the relief of the makeup remover will take affect…
Curious as to when her reflection will mirror her true self…
Wanting to understand that it is her with paint brush in hand,
Applying all the wrong pigments,
Increasing the intensity of negativity,
She no longer wants to do this…
Glued the feeling of brush in hand…
This routine has become so habitual,
This ritual of self hate,
The repression of self esteem is an art..
Depressing the pressure of self love is repulsive,
And the truth behind the meaning of it all…
Paint thinner applied with love,
Can dissolve the dark film that has overwhelmed her spirit,
Departing negativity,
Leaving a clear face,
For positivity to illuminate.
Through her smile..

(c) Alicia Adanna 2013

ZuriART: Photo Prints for Sale

“A picture is a poem without words.” ~Horace

Now available ZuriART: Photo

Series 3 Lilies

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“If you want to achieve things in life, you’ve just got to do them, and if you’re talented and smart, you’ll succeed.” ~Juliana Hatfield~

SUCCESS, Feeling so accomplished this morning! I am able to look in the mirror, smile and say “you did it, you set out to be a successful artist and you are now one!” Lolz Ok so I know I’m not in the million dollar bracket yet, but it felt good to have random people appreciate my art, ZuriART.
Blessed & Humbled!!!! Thanx to all my supporters and buyers of ZuriART! It means so much to me that you truly appreciate my work. This feeling of accomplishment is humbling and today was a blessing. I am more motivated then ever now to do what I love, each and every day. Below are a few of my setup photos from First Friday Philly; Old City Artist District. Most paintings shown are no longer available please visit the ZuriART:Paintings link above to view all current paintings. 

Autumn Inspired

There is no passion to be found playing small – in settling for a life that is less than the one you are capable of living. ~Nelson Mandela

 When you find joy and passion in the work that you do, it longer becomes a daily task or job, but a duty, a calling. For some it may be volunteering or having a trade that helps bring happiness to others. I love the art I create because it brings joy to those I paint for, and even myself…

This painting was a wedding gift to a dear friend who is a therapeutic horseback riding teacher. Knowing a person only helps convey the thought and passion that is being put into the art. She finds joy in helping her students through her passion; horseback riding…

Inspired by her passion to help others, and knowing her taste in colors, I was able to incorporate the feeling of the autumn season and earthy textures…

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