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Open Canvas 2.21.14

Open Canvas 2.21.14

Open Canvas 2.7.14

:: Open Canvas An Artistic Showcase of Talents :: Opening Night!!!!
Feature Poet mysTIArious,
Live Painters ZuriART By Alicia Adanna,
ZahRe Belle, Danquis,
Comedian Chaundra Daniels,
Hosted by CHRIS RAFI<-consciouspoet
and Sapphire Blue




As the wandering eye
Observes the night’s sky 
Admiring the world below, 
We gaze on high 
At the twinkles in the sky
And in wonder of it’s glow.

ZuriLi ~ Artress of Poetry

ZuriART : Photo by Alicia Adanna

Meet the Queens

The Poetic Women of Queen’s Speak.

I am so humbled to have been in the presence of such great women.  Each one delivering their own personal message through poetry, singing and story telling. The night was one to remember, the energy still radiating. The painting came out so beautiful. I can’t explain the feeling of being there, the emotions like color flooding the canvas, the energy both beautiful and inspiring.  So Thankful, Blessed and Humbled.

Photos taken by Alllisss Images and Chris Rafi