True Brother

“A Rebel of virtue a doer that moved on his own inspirations while inspiring others” Chris RaFi

The motivation that compels us to share our work comes at best when times aren’t so easy. My motivation to paint came right after the loss of my job in 2008. Unemployed left me feeling at a loss, and very overwhelmed, but at the same time obligated to keep myself in high spirits through painting. This poem below was written by a close and dear friend of mine. The loss of his brother in 2010 was a very hardening blow, and through his writing he has found a means to convey emotions that have been suppressed for so many years. Enjoy the work of Chris RaFi

True Brothers

Complex thoughts had us think differently than others
We’ve been taught we are our “brother’s keeper”
Built to walk amongst real men
To respect our women and children
To praise our creator with all our heart and soul
To never forget where we came from, so we’ll know where we’re going
To always remain upright and speak with a righteous tongue…

It’s been an honor to have been in your company for twenty-five plus years
The tears still fill my eyes and the pain overflows
To swallow your physical absence has been difficult
But a growing pain I’m learning to endure…

The laugh of a happy man fills my ears
Your voice jumps out at me as I bang your cd
Rocking my head hitting the volume up just a little more
For sure that beat is right “Oh yea Mal that rhyme is tight”
Never heard anyone master the collaboration
Of words and beats at such an elevated level

A Rebel of virtue, a doer that moved on his own inspirations
While inspiring others
Sent here to remind us of life, love and it’s happiness
Love you bro
Now I see what I need to see, to be where I need to be
In life we need rain to appreciate the sun
Now shine my brother so we can feel the warmth of your presence…

R.I.P Love you forever Mal

Chris RaFi

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