Faded Picture

“ ‘Tis the last rose of summer Left blooming alone; All her lovely companions Are faded and gone.” Thomas More

ZuriART: Photo
This was taken on a beach in Ft. Lauderdale FL 2009

Faded Picture

As I look at your picture, it smiles no more
And now this world, it has for me, no more
A precious heart is lost, so meek, so mild
As I sit and reminisce of all the good times we had
I remember them all, and then I get mad
For someone to take you so easily from me
All because you had a few Rolex’s and a Bently
Now I know this world has gone crazy
When it takes away my angel, my baby
I can’t sleep in peace because I hear your laughter
And I know that your laughing with God in the hereafter
And at times you cry because you see me suffer
And I wonder why I feel I must go under
Because I’ve lost the one thing that kept me smiling
And now that same thing keeps me all the time crying
You see I can see the day I saw you laying
With your keys in your hand and the trunk open to the jeep
See I only turned around for a second
And a second later you were sleep
Two to the head and one through your heart
Jealous because you were smart
An intelligent being, you knew what you wanted to do
Had just placed a ring on my finger and said “I do”
And now look at you…
Look at me, wondering how could this be
How could someone be so cruel to take you away from me
And now I realize that I must move on
And morn no more
Because I know that I will see you again
Someday once more…

Alicia Adanna

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