Not Again…

Like the grey clouds in the sky, the colors of love begin to fade ~ Alicia Adanna

Not Again…

She sits in the window by the moon light
Listenin to the rain drops hit the pane
The same as the tears rollin down her cheek
Alone she awaits for understandin of the pain
Confused still not givin up the fight
Her mind is tellin her to abstain
But her heart is at it’s peak
Down that sorrow filled road, is she headed again…

She knows her way around it all too well
Been down there one too many times before
Consistency seems to be the way of her trade
Promisin to herself that it wouldn’t be the same anymore
Not even keepin her thoughts and emotions withheld
But still captive, feelin like a prisoner of war
Like the grey clouds in the sky, the colors of love begin to fade
This broken feelin she wants this no more…

Her eyes searchin for sumthin only her soul can see
Takin on the mental strain, learnin to endure
Feelin so strong about whut she wants to believe
But the back and forth feelin of secure and unsure
Is all that it seems to be
Gettin caught up in the constant allure
Never noticin how much she’s been deceived
Wonderin how much is it is about her bein immature…

Uncertain of the consequences if she let’s go
The magnetic pull she feels to strong to dismiss
Caught in the tidal waves of emotions
So deep she plunges into the abyss
Not to sure how far this might go
But knowin how much she is weaken by his kiss
So profound, seemingly overwelmed by the notions
But feelin, there maybe sumthin right about this…

To timid to let it all go
Never again wantin to feel that torn
But knowing that without a chance she will never see
Tryin to keep sight of the signs that forewarn
To scared to let her true feelins show
She’ll never learn until she’s reborn
Into a woman who can trust in what she needs
In a love that is to be adorned…

(c) Alicia Adanna 2011


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